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SEGA Rally 2 - Issue Fixing

on Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:42 pm
Q: The game crashes when I pause and unpause during a race!
A: Using DXWND and the Handle Exceptions option fixes that.

Q: The game volume lowers itself gradually when I play/There is no sound in Time Attack & Multiplayer menus!
A: You need to use a command-line app that is set to set SR2's volume in a loop, since for whatever reason the game lowers it's volume in some menus. I'm going to supply a archive file for this soon.

Q: The game music doesn't work, even when the CD/ISO is mounted!
A: You need to patch the game either with _inmm and setting up that to make the music work (another benefit is that it can be used to have music used from anywhere other than the CD tracks); or get these files to make it work without patching the game executable:

I will be updating this topic with more things I can find about fixing issues in SR2, but if you have more info about this, feel free to post it here; or if you got a certain issue you can ask here too.
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