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Welcome to RetroRevival! The new RetroBox

on Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:23 am
Hello everybody! RetroStriker here, and I'm glad to announce the return of the RetroBox in this new version: RetroRevival!  Very Happy
I wanted to reboot/renew the RetroBox since of many reasons, which are:

-The original site at this point was in disrepair and unmantained since April 2017, and I didn't have any new games there then.
-I was due in fixing several games since the Sonic R update, but only a few games had received that update at this point. In this new start, I plan updating the games and release them instead of linking to a outdated version of a never updated game.
-A forum for this makes the interface sleeker and better, with easier categorization and navigation
-Implement the game patches, which would be pretty much the fixes in the RetroBox/RetroRevival games, but intended to be applied to a already existing original installation of a game.
-Make it more feedback-friendly and receptive, with a wishlist for requests, troubleshooting, and placing fixes you have made for old games.
-Creating a community instead of just having a plain feedback-less page.
-New upcoming games Cool (and a better display of them, instead of just saying that they are coming soon)

Thank you everybody for having supported RetroBox for so much, and I'm pretty happy to have helped a lot of people with my fixes. Hopefully this forum will quickly grow and turn into the dream for playing your old classic games without issues for everyone. But for now, see ya next time!
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Re: Welcome to RetroRevival! The new RetroBox

on Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:40 am
Hm, sounds interesting. I'm in!
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